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Social Work Mentoring complimentary service for social workers

Social work can be stressful, but you may likely have great social work colleagues who can provide emotional support and encouragement.

As you climb the ladder of leadership, the struggles get lonelier. You might not be able to share with others as much as before. The junior staff might not be able to understand. 


Sometimes, you get stuck with issues that only someone with the wisdom of experience and breadth of a network can help.


Sometimes, you just need someone to hear you and perhaps, guide you forward.

A mentor provides that safe holding space for you to share your thoughts, challenges and aspirations; without judgment. The relationship is private and confidential.

Sign up for Mentoring.

Registration for 2024 is now closed. If you wish to be placed in the waiting list for 2025 intake, let us know* via email.

*Your booking is only confirmed when you receive the video conference link together with our confirmation email.

This complimentary service is only available and limited to just 10 social workers based in Singapore each year.


Registration for Mentoring* for the 2025 season will be opened on 1 December 2024 at 9: 00 am (Singapore Time).

The Mentoring Programme:


1 hour x 6 sessions spread within a year.

The first three sessions will be conducted monthly.

The fourth and fifth session will be conducted every two months.

The sixth session (optional) is a follow-up session. This will be held 3 months after the fifth session.


No matter where one is in their social work journey, every Social Worker should have supervision and mentoring.


Mentoring sessions with Bro Mohd had been enlightening as well as enriching. It was like having a safe space that is kind yet challenging, new yet familiar.


In the 6 sessions, Bro Mohd allowed me to explore many facets of my work and has helped me to reflect and see wider and different perspectives on matters that I had been stuck with. I am glad that I had been given the space to recalibrate and find deeper meaning in the work that I do. Thank you, Brother!! 

Aida, Social Work Manager 


—  Name, Title

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