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Weekend Family Bonding

Sharing our more than 30 years of Social Work experience

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Bromohd helps social service organisations to improve their client services and programmes.

Bromohd supports social workers and social service practitioners through training, supervision, and mentoring.

Bromohd teaches social work, facilitates groups, conducts enrichment workshops, and offers cross-cultural social work expertise.

Bromohd inspires you to find your purpose and be intentional in your practice.

Are You a New Social Work Supervisor?

The second session of the Community of Practice for New Social Workers is scheduled as follows:


The Beginner Supervisor

Discussion Topics:

  • The Early Stage of Supervisor Development

  • How to start and end a supervision session

  • Supervisory Case Study ( upon request )


Date : 6 October 2023 (FRIDAY)

Time: 8:00 pm to 9:15 pm ( Singapore )

This sharing is limited to only 15 learners who are new to Social Work Supervision in Singapore. Registration will be open on 11 September 2023.

Register here

Thank you.

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Social Work Supervision 2024 is now open for Registration. Please send your enquiry to

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