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Weekend Family Bonding

Sharing our 34 years of Social Work experience

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Bromohd helps social service organisations to improve their client services and programmes.

Bromohd supports social workers and social service practitioners through training, supervision, and mentoring.

Bromohd teaches social work, facilitates groups, conducts enrichment workshops, and offers cross-cultural social work expertise.

Bromohd inspires you to find your purpose and be intentional in your practice.

We are 5 in 2024!

My wife took this photo of me on 31 December 2023, at 14:23.
My daughter said I looked 'so contented'.
I told her this is probably what being at peace with yourself looked like.

When I embarked on my journey of 'BROMOHD - The Practice' in 2019, I envisioned myself to lead a more purposeful and intentional life. Hence, I chose to work on projects that are aligned with my vision for the social work profession and the community.

Every day becomes an opportunity to make a difference: to be kind and compassionate, to nurture, affirm, and encourage those that I come in contact with. In return, I have received more than I could have expected.

Four years flew by, and now I am in my fifth!


If you are looking to improve your social work practice, supervision, or programmes, I am here for you.


Find your ikigai.




BROMOHD- The Practice Schedule is full up to the Month of September 2024, with very few slots left for the rest of the year. Please contact us early for your projects scheduled in for the fifirst half of 2025.

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