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Sharing our more than 30 years of Social Work experience

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Bromohd helps social service organisations to improve their client services and programmes.

Bromohd supports social workers and social service practitioners through training, supervision, and mentoring.

Bromohd teaches social work, facilitates groups, conducts enrichment workshops, and offers cross-cultural social work expertise.

Bromohd inspires you to find your purpose and be intentional in your practice.

Are You a New Supervisor?

Are you a new Social Work supervisor? Would you like to know more about how you could be an effective social work supervisor?

I am planning to set up a Community of Practice for Social Workers who are new to Supervisory Practice (<2 years) in Singapore. This will be a FREE online platform to share theoretical knowledge, experience, and practice wisdom. 
This is not a support group.

I hope this to be an online learning platform where we can discuss ONE question/topic about social work supervision during each session. This will be an open group, but limited to up to 10 participants for each session, via online registration.

I hope to get this started as early as July.  Would you be interested to join me?

Please respond to this ONLINE Survey to help me assess your needs and plan future sessions.

Thank you.

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Child by the Window

The Muslim Stages of Change:
Stage 3 - Ambivalence

We began the series with a discussion on the first stage of the Muslim stages of change, Inertia. (read about it here), and then to Awareness (read it here).

The third stage is Ambivalence.


All available dates for clinical/casework supervision for 2023 have been taken up. Dates for 2024 will be opened in September. Look out for the announcement!

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