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Bromohd crafts training curriculum based on your needs and practice requirements. The following are just samples of what we can do for you.


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Social Work Practice with Malay-Muslim Families

This 2-day programme ​introduces participants to the Malay-Muslim Community in Singapore and their unique worldview that is influenced by the Malay culture and Islamic beliefs. The programme suggests working guidelines to engage the Malay-Muslim families in social work practice.

Using case studies, discussions, and role-plays, Bromohd helps participants to hone their case conceptualisation skills to incorporate their new-found knowledge on the 'Typologies of the Malay-Muslim Client' , the 'Muslim Theory of Change', and the 'Malay-Muslim Wheel of Power and Control (adapted from the model developed by Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, Duluth, MN.) into their existing social work knowledge and practice.

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Marriage Ceremony

Social Work Practice with Malay-Muslim Families


Kay Enne

BROMOHD is very open to discussion about issues that may not have clear-cut answers. Great integration of theoretical approach with Muslim cultural context.


I believe every non-Malay/Muslim social worker/anyone in the profession needs to go through this course. It is so beneficial and needed in our sector today. We need to uplift and understand each other to move this profession forward 

Will Fong

Very insightful and provides a lot of real life examples. He made it useful to understand the context but also makes it more curious than setting out stereotypes.

Projects : Planning, Implementing & Evaluating

Asian manager and his team planning a strategy

Apart from casework & counselling, social workers are also expected to plan, organise, execute and evaluate programmes for the community.

This module introduces participants to the Theory of Change and how it is applied to the Logic Model for programme planning. Participants will also be guided on how to formulate SMART goals, develop the programme budget, and formulate outcome evaluation to measure programme effectiveness and improve programme design.

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Projects : Planning, Implementing & Evaluating


The topic is very relevant to my work and definitely enhanced my understanding and implementing in future.  Trainer is knowledgeable and engaging.


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